Youth Program

Junior Tennis

9:00-10:00am  Beginners (generally 5-10yrs):  Start with some easy games and exercises to begin to learn the basics

10:15-11:15am    Intermediate (generally 11-15yrs middle school ages): Learn all the rules of the game including scoring. You will actually play games and perfect your technique.

11:30-1:30pm  Advanced (generally high school age): Great for students who want to perfect their game strategy for tournaments. Prepare for the State High School matches and get ready for the Championship

INSTRUCTORErnie Blachowiak has held various offices in the Kauai Tennis Association since 1985.  He has coached high school tennis since 1986.  In addition, he is the currently teaching beginning and intermediate tennis at Kauai Community College to the credit students. 


Parents must register in person and complete waiver forms prior to class starting. You can find a digital version of the waiver HERE. Call us at 245-8318 for current Schedule.

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