Policies and Procedures

As Kauai’s training hub, KCC OCET provides effective, customized training that responds to the professional and personal development needs of our community’s lifelong learners.  Job-related skill courses are accelerated, focused, and often customized to meet specific industry needs.  KCC OCET also has a wide variety of specialized courses designed to prepare individuals for national and state certification exams.

Non-credit courses are open to anyone who can benefit from them.  While there are no prerequisites for most courses, some courses may require prior education and/or experience to obtain maximum benefit.
Kaua‘i Community College programs do not, through their content, mode of presentation, or promotion, make promises, either explicit or implicit, of financial or business success, job placement, or physical or emotional cure.  Non-credit courses do not meet the requirements for a college certificate or degree.

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ADA Access

If you have a disability and have not voluntarily disclosed the nature of your disability and the support that you need, you are invited to contact the Student Services Office, at (808) 245-8314 or (808) 245-8212.  For disability accommodations, contact Jennifer Defuntorum at (808) 245-8318.  Advance notice requested.

Certificates & Certifications

A Certificate of Participation will be issued to students who satisfactorily complete a class.  Duplicate certificates or other course completion documentation will be re-issued upon payment of a $10 re-issuance fee.

Conduct for the Campus & Classroom

Participants enrolled in the course(s) are expected to abide by the Kauai Community College University of Hawai’i rules, regulations, and student code of conduct.  The Board of Regents of the University has established behavioral guidelines for all of its campuses.  These apply equally to all members of the academic community including the staff, faculty, and students.
Category 1 – A member of the academic community may not behave toward another member, even in the name of his convictions or his rights to academic freedom, in a manner denying or interfering with another member’s expression of convictions, right to academic freedom or the performance of his legitimate duties or functions.
Category 2- Behavior intended directly or indirectly to interfere with or disrupt the processes of teaching, learning or research or those processes or conditions furthering or facilitating these activities is impermissible behavior.  An interference or disruption exists when any of these processes can no longer take place in the planned, normal, or customary form given to them by those legitimately responsible for them, or when any of these conditions has essentially ceased to exist.  Processes or conditions furthering or facilitating teaching, learning or research as used in the first sequence of this paragraph include the administration of the University.
In accordance with this policy, the University of Hawai’i -Kauai Community College has adopted a student conduct code with specific examples of impermissible behavior.  The code delineates appropriate hearing procedures and describes the various sanctions that may be imposed.  Sanctions may range from a warning, restitution where restitution is appropriate, to probation, suspension, expulsion, or the rescission of grades or degree.  For more information, refer to the Kauai Community College Policies web page.

EEO Policy

Kauai Community College is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institution and is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination on the basis of race, sex, age, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, disability, marital status, arrest and court record, sexual orientation, and status as a covered veteran. This policy covers admission and access to, and participation, treatment, and employment in the University’s programs, activities, and services.  For more information on equal opportunity and affirmative action policies and compliant procedures for the Kaua‘i Community College Campus contact: JoRae Baptiste, EEO/AA & Title IX Coordinator at (808) 245-8323.


Kauaʻi CC OCET’s administrative offices and classrooms are located in the One-Stop Center Phase 2 building on the KCC campus.  The building is also home to the campus bookstore.  In this building, Kauaʻi OCET has two classrooms with 16 station PC computer which are for MAC or PC,  and five classrooms all equipped with Smart Boards, digital projection and large screen TV equipment.

Outstanding Financial Obligation

Enrollment in Kauaʻi OCET events, programs, courses signifies consent to, and acceptance of all policies and procedures governing enrollment/registration, including financial liability.  Participants who fail to remit payment when due, agree to pay the University of Hawai’i for all reasonable costs of collection, to include collection agency, attorney and court fees.

Students who have any outstanding financial obligations to Kauai Community College and /or KCC OCET may be denied certification, diplomas, transcripts or enrollment into any of its programs until all  obligations have been cleared.

Safety, Security & Emergency Services

Campus Security is provided around-the-clock assistance to students, faculty, and staff.  Incidents and concerns relating to safety and security should be reported directly immediately by calling the appropriate number below:

Campus Security: 808.245.8399
Daytime Emergency: 808.245.8230
 Evening Administrator: (until 7pm): 808.652.2996
Health services: 808.245.8307
Emergency services: 911 or 9-911 if dialing from a campus phone

Title IX

The University of Hawaii is committed to providing a learning, working and living environment that promotes personal integrity, civility, and mutual respect and is free of all forms of sex discrimination and gender-based violence, including sexual assault, sexual harassment, gender-based harassment, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking.  If you or someone you know is experiencing any of these, the University has staff and resources on your campus to support and assist you.  Staff can also direct you to resources that are in the community.

As a member of the University faculty, we are required to immediately report any incident of sex discrimination or gender-based violence to the campus Title IX Coordinator.

If you wish to remain anonymous, speak with someone confidentially, or would like to receive information and support in a CONFIDENTIAL setting, please go to:  https://www.kauai.hawaii.edu/title-ix-confidential-resources.

To File a Report, please go to: https://report.system.hawaii.edu/student, or contact the Kauai Community College’s Title IX Coordinators. Go to https://www.kauai.hawaii.edu/title-ix-file-report.

For emergencies, DIAL 9-1-1

For more information regarding sex discrimination and gender-based violence, the University’s Title IX resources and the University’s Policy, Interim EP 1.204, please go to: https://www.kauai.hawaii.edu/title-ix

Students must attend all classes and sign-in at every class session in order to have satisfactorily completed a course. For every hour of instruction, no more than fifteen (15) minutes can be missed. Arriving more than 15 minutes late at the start of a class or leaving more than 15 minutes early at the end of a class will also be documented as unsatisfactory performance. Instructors reserve the right to drop a student from the course if the student is absent for more than 25% of class instruction time without notifying the instructor/school. Refer to the course description for specific course requirements.

Kauaʻi CC OCET reserves the right to cancel any event, program, course with insufficient enrollment or attendance.

Please help us avoid course cancellations by registering at least five (5) business days prior to the start of the class.
Once enrollment for a course is met, you can still register up to 24 hours prior to the start of class based on availability.

For most events, programs, or courses that cancel, a refund will be processed to the payer (Please see Withdrawal & Refund Policies).  However, tuition payments for some events, programs, or courses are not refundable.  Refer to the course description for specific course requirements.

100% tuition refund will be provided for withdrawal requests received at least five (5) business days during regular office hours, prior to the first class meeting day.

Failure to attend class or notifying the instructor of intent to withdraw does not constitute an official withdrawal from the course.

Agencies submitting purchase orders for student registration fees will be billed regardless of attendance, unless notification of withdrawal is made by the at least five (5) business days prior to the start of the event, program, or course during regular office hours (Note: Only Monday-Friday, not weekends or holidays).

Refunds requests can be made by phone, fax, email, or postal mail (postmarked date will be used).  Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for cash and check payment refunds to be processed.